Three Wicked Days


Author: Trista Ann Michaels
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary
Heat Level: 3
Words: 29,000
Content Notes: Hot, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, Light BDSM
Publication Date: 6/23/2014

Steve and Kayla agreed to three days together with no strings attached. But Steve’s finding it harder than he thought it would be to keep to the bargain. Now he only has Three Wicked Days to prove to Kayla that he wants more than just a vacation fling. Come along for the fun in Trista Ann Michaels’ new, wonderfully passionate romance.

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Three Wicked Days

When Kayla’s job as a flight attendant leaves her stuck in a tropical paradise for three days, she should be ecstatic. Instead, she has to work even harder to avoid Steve, the gorgeous pilot she’s always refused to even give the time of day to because of his reputation. Steve’s womanizing ways strike too close to home, and Kayla refuses to let her lust override his reputation.

Steve has had the hots for Kayla from the day he first laid eyes on her, but he hasn’t found a way to get past the cold shoulder she always seems to have just for him. He hopes their unexpected vacation will give him the chance he needs to show her he’s not the man she thinks he is.

When they finally acknowledge their mutual physical desire, they agree to a tropical fling to get each other out of their system. They’ll have three days with no emotions involved and no strings attached, and then it’s back to their normal lives.

Kayla is intent on holding up her end of the bargain, but for Steve, it’s much harder. When he begins to suspect his feelings run deeper than just physical attraction, he has to figure out how to convince her that the rumors about him aren’t true and that he can be the man she needs.

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Trista Ann Michaels





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Hot, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, Light BDSM


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