This Time


Author: Kristin Leigh
Series: Wounded Warrior
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary|Military
Heat Level: 2
Words: 61,000
Content Notes: Spicy
Publication Date: 12/30/2013

He walked away years ago, leaving her to raise their daughter alone. But now, he’s lost everything … except hope. Will she find it in her heart to give him one more chance? This Time is Kristin Leigh’s touching new romance, a welcome addition to her Wounded Warriors series.

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This Time

Tara Marshall has one love: her daughter, Madelynn. For five years she’s loved and nurtured her child alone, abandoned by the man who helped create her. She wants love, craves it, but fears the pain of finding and losing love all over again. And no other man has lived up to the SEAL she fell in love with so long ago.

Mike Davis made the biggest mistake of his life when he denied his own child and left her mother high and dry. He’s never found a woman like Tara again and knows he never will. But staying away from the woman he fell in love with and the child he fathered is what’s best for them … even if he burns for a second chance.

When Mike is injured in the line of duty, he realizes that he has to take a leap of faith, regardless of potential consequences. But after he contacts Tara, Mike comes to understand the love he’s been harboring for so long isn’t just for their daughter; it’s for Tara too. When they meet again, the passion and fire burn as brightly as they did five years before. But with so much time and pain between them, does Mike stand a chance of redemption? And does Tara have enough forgiveness to welcome Mike back into their lives?

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