The Turn of the Card


Author: Vicky Burkholder
Series: Gambling On Love
Book #:
Genre: Action&Adventure|ScienceFiction
Heat Level: 2
Words: 21,000
Content Notes: Spicy
Publication Date: 4/6/2015

Re-Release: (Captiva Press 3/10/10, Aces and Eights, Victoria Allen)

Jess Windemere’s father lost her in a game of cards. Sent to a distant planet to be bound to a stranger, she is determined to regain her freedom. The Turn of the Card Book 1 of Vicky Burkholder’s new romance series, Gambling on Love, is a rollicking space adventure you won’t want to miss. When the turn of a card can seal your fate, you better stack the deck!

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The Turn of the Card

Jessica Windemere loses her freedom when her father bets her in a poker game. But she isn’t willing to accept her fate without a fight. To have her revenge, she first must survive an unknown world while contracted as some stranger’s wife. She wants nothing more to do with men until a huge, dark god rides into her camp. Can she risk losing her new love on the turn of a card?

Kiernan Randall is on his way home from a trading mission. The group of abandoned women he finds were definitely not expected, especially their feisty red-haired leader. She is contracted to his enemy, but gives herself to him and firmly entwines his heart. Can he trust her enough to let her wager their future together on her skill with cards?

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Vicky Burkholder




Action&Adventure, ScienceFiction

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