The Secret of Flying


Author: E. L. Phillips
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary|Gay|Multicultural&Interracial
Heat Level: 3
Words: 92,226
Content Notes: Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, GLBT
Publication Date: 8/20/2017

When engineering student Henry Sparrow meets Magnus Sørensen—his roommate’s father—sparks fly. Awkward flirting turns into a deeply passionate encounter that both agree should never, for everyone’s sake, happen again. But that’s easier said than done when destiny seems to have a way of throwing them together.

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The Secret of Flying

From the moment Henry Sparrow sees Magnus Sørensen—his roommate Jenna’s father—at the airport, newly arrived for his daughter’s imminent wedding, sparks fly. A long drive to Magnus’ hotel and some tentative flirting turns into a sudden and deeply passionate encounter in Magnus’ suite, one that both parties agree should never, for Jenna’s sake and their own, happen again. But that’s easier said than done when destiny—and Jenna—seems to have a way of throwing them together, until their desire and need reaches a point they can no longer ignore.

Having given in to what seems like the demands of fate, Henry and Magnus plan to slowly explore their burgeoning relationship without Jenna finding out, in the hopes of discovering if what’s between them is even worth telling the woman they both love. But interference from Henry’s calculating mentor, Professor Rodgers Remmick, an old friend and rival of Magnus’, may throw a disastrous monkey wrench in their plan and their relationship.

In the end, Henry Sparrow will have to rediscover his own once-clipped wings and somehow—some way—learn to fly…even when the life he’s so carefully constructed begins to crash around him.


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