The Reluctant Duke


Author: Blaise Kilgallen
Book #:
Genre: Historical/General|Historical/Regency
Heat Level: 3
Words: 100,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 7/17/2006

Never one to resist a challenge, the Duke of Weston is determined to win the affection of the one woman not-so-eager to jump into his bed. Join the Ton of Regency England as they enjoy their privileged lives of beautiful clothes, witty conversation, and grand balls in Blaise Kilgallen’s sweeping historical romance, The Reluctant Duke.

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The Reluctant Duke

When Antonio Thorndyke learns of his cousins’ recent passing in a boating accident, he is surprised to learn that he has inherited the title Duke of Weston. Although this is certainly not the plan he has made for his life, Antonio returns to England and takes his place among the ton; rapidly gaining a reputation as a rakehell, seducer of willing widows and wives. All, except the widow he’d truly like to woo.

Still in mourning over the passing of her husband, Caroline Lockler is perplexed by the sudden and intense attraction she feels for her brother’s friend. As rumors of Antonio’s reputation grow, Caroline vows that she will never be one in a long list of his conquests. If only her heart hadn’t already fallen for the Reluctant Duke.

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