The Opal Hunter

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Author: Kris Eton
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Genre: Contemporary|Suspense|Western
Heat Level: 2
Words: 38,000
Content Notes: Spicy
Publication Date: 3/30/2009

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The Opal Hunter

A desperate man is in a race against time to find fabled black opals before a beautiful IRS agent seizes his land.

Aaron Brady knows he doesn’t have long before he loses his family’s land and his business — the Brady Turquoise Mine. The turquoise has long run out and now he’s on a mission to find black opals on his land before it’s too late. When IRS agent Nina Delgado shows up on his doorstep demanding to do an audit, Aaron does whatever it takes to keep Nina in the dark and in his bed.

Nina Delgado visits the Brady Mine to conduct an audit – a surefire way to guarantee a promotion. When she meets Aaron Brady, she didn’t expect sparks to fly. She tries to keep it all business, but can she ignore her heart?

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