The Necklace


Author: Karen Monroe
Book #:
Genre: Fantasy|Paranormal
Heat Level: 3
Words: 80,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 11/15/2004

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The Necklace

All of her life Marissa Redmond has longed for the sea, but a rare and fatal allergic reaction to the water has kept her from it. When a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to test a new theory in dolphin genetics arises, Marissa puts her fears aside and joins her colleagues, knowing any mistake could be her last.

But there is something odd happening to her. Could it be prolonged exposure to the very environment she has always carefully avoided?

Tylan Kamis, king of the underwater kingdom of Eritrea, has a big problem. One of the sacred delaphin has been abducted by the land dwellers. With his options limited, he decides on a risky venture. As he is touring the facility where the creature is being held, he runs across the beautiful and intriguing Marissa. The connection between them is instantaneous and neither can control their passionate reactions. It is obvious she is his pair bond, the only woman who can complete his life.

Will they survive the race against a fate that tests their love?

Can Marissa accept her heritage in time?

Find out in The Necklace!

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