The Marriage Bargain


Author: Blaise Kilgallen
Book #:
Genre: Historical/Regency
Heat Level: 2
Words: 109,500
Content Notes: Spicy
Publication Date: 2/8/2016

Blaise Kilgallen pens a sensuous Regency with a hint of suspense in The Marriage Bargain. A historical romance full of intrigue, danger, and attraction that will have you turning the pages from start to finish as more than one marriage bargain may be offered before all is said and done.

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The Marriage Bargain

Re-release (2012) Secret Cravings Publishing

Gavin Fielding, is made guardian of a young female in an unknown person’s will. As a firm bachelor he needs help, and he hires Emily to teach his ward what she must know to be launched onto London’s Marriage Mart. Somewhat intrigued by the young governess, he asks his aunt to sponsor his ward’s debut by adding her consequence. Lady Parcells breaks her ankle and can’t get around to help, so Gavin has to change his plans. He offers a marriage bargain to Lilianne’s governess.

Emily is saved from her nasty, adopted uncle when he is arrested and jailed as a spy.

The marriage bargain also would help the earl’s problem.

Meanwhile, dark forces work again the couple as they attempt to stay one step ahead of danger and yet, keep from falling in love.

Content Notes: Spicy, Historical, Regency

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