The Lost Wolf Warrior


Author: Rae Monet
Series: Solarian Warrior
Book #:
Genre: Historical/General|Paranormal
Heat Level: 3
Words: 81,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 9/18/2006

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The Lost Wolf Warrior

The year is 1311. Serena de Reincolt, a young Warrior of the Wolf, is tasked with a quest: Retrieve the sacred scrolls of Solaria and the outlawed murderer, Ziem.

Failure means certain death for the Solarians.

Found at age six in the Forest of the Dean with no memory of his former life, Lord Roan Aston, The Wolf, has always felt a part of him was missing.

One thing Roan knows for certain—he is finished with warring. Taking up King Edward’s offer to protect a castle on the Scottish border, Roan is as content as he can be.

It wasn’t until Roan met an incredible woman in the most extraordinary circumstances that he pieced together his purpose in life. But their journey is fraught with danger and a vengeful King who will stop at nothing less than eradication of all those he feels threaten his rule.

Suddenly, Roan and Serena are protecting more than a society of gifted people; they are fighting for their lives, their love, and a fantastic legend.

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