The Hanging Man


Author: Leigh Wyndfield
Book #:
Genre: Fantasy
Heat Level: 3
Words: 19,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 8/18/2014

Re-Release: (The Zodiac Series: Sagittarius, 11/21/05)

Even though she is the daughter of the king, growing up with magic has left Gabriella Etall an outcast in her magic-hating country. When her father banishes her forever, she is determined to experience one night of passion, even if it is with an enemy of the kingdom! Let fantasy carry you away in Leigh Wyndfield’s The Hanging Man. Sometimes, love really is magic…

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The Hanging Man

The Taurean King spurns all things magical, including his own daughter’s hidden powers. An outcast, Gabriella Etall ghosts through the castle, forever alone, banned from venturing into the outside world so her magic will not be discovered by his magic-hating subjects. When she stumbles upon a captured man hanging in the castle dungeon, she feels the hum of another’s magic on her skin for the first time. Now, she will have to decide if she will betray her family for one night of bliss or let her chance for fulfillment pass her by forever.

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