The Godspouse


Author: Darragha Foster
Series: Therapist to the Gods
Book #: 2
Genre: Erotica|Paranormal|Fantasy
Heat Level: 3
Words: 22,760
Content Notes: Hot, anal intercourse
Publication Date: 7/25/2016

In The Godspouse, while the good doctor is busy offering therapeutic sessions to Odin, her assistant Lara matches wits with trickster Loki to unlock her past, and their future. Book 2 in Darragha Foster’s Therapist to the Gods series.

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The Godspouse

Previously published (2013) Forever More Publishing. Therapist to the old gods, Paige Barlow’s office notes describe Odin as “an odor and flavor that can only be described with words of creation. Renewal. Inception. Formation. He is the All-Father, the bringer of life, the terrible one and the god of poetry.” That, and so much more. Odin is a full-time patient on her psychiatric sofa. Dr. Paige Barlow’s business is busy, lucrative, and never dull.

Her new assistant, Lara, will fit in just fine as long as she keeps an open mind. Raised by her polytheistic Icelandic grandmother and great-grandmother, Lara is ready to believe anything—so long as there’s a steady paycheck in it. Staying focused on the job becomes problematic when Odin and Loki come in for their session. The adoration in the doctor’s eyes for Odin can only be matched by the fire in Loki’s, for Lara, who finds herself drawn into Flame Hair’s passions. God-touched, god-bothered, and blissed out, how can a girl get her job done when facing a flame-thrower of attention from the Trickster himself? Beat him at his own game, perhaps.


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