The Claiming


Author: Toni L. Meilleur
Series: Touch of Wildness
Book #: 1
Genre: |FICTION/Romance/Fantasy|FICTION/Romance/Lesbian|
Heat Level: 3
Words: 11,930
Content Notes:
Publication Date: 2/4/2019

Sam and Billie Ferox were raised with tales of preternatural beings. Are they the destined lovers of warriors protecting mankind, or are they believers in fairy tales?

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The Claiming

Sam and Billie Ferox were raised by their grandmother with tales of preternatural beings that go bump in the night. But as the sisters grow into adulthood, they began to doubt any validity to the stories. Sam has repressed her dreams of a supernatural lover who comes to claim her, that is until he manifests into the sexiest midnight tryst she’s ever had. Was he real? Or the product of a wild imagination?

When Sam doesn’t come back from a wild animal photo shoot, Billie goes looking for her. She runs into the most beautiful female warrior who fights for the right to mate with her. Billie can clearly see the woman is more than she appears to be…and she brings out in Billie a desire she never knew she possessed.


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