The Adventurous Heart


Author: Holland Rae
Series: The Royal Rakes
Book #: 3
Genre: General|AfricanAmerican|Collections&Anthologies|Historical/General
Heat Level: 2
Words: 43769
Content Notes:
Publication Date: 11/14/2016

It should have been simple — return home, collect on the estate, fund his search for the Coronado treasure. But, as Andrea DuPonte Morgan soon learns, nothing is ever simple for the African son of a lord and his feisty, beautiful, and all too female solicitor, the enchanting Lady Georgina Wyndham.

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The Adventurous Heart

Previously published (2015) Amazon. When Andrea DuPonte Morgan left England at only sixteen years of age, he had no plan of ever returning. The legal son of a country lord and his clandestinely married African servant, Andrea could see no future for himself there. Twelve years later, he is a leading explorer in the American islands, ready to embark upon the greatest adventure of his life — the quest for the lost treasure of Francisco Coronado. But when he can no longer fund the trip, Andrea is faced with a choice: Does he forsake his explorer’s legacy, or does he return to the shores of England, where the late Lord Morgan has bequeathed him the entire estate, even if it requires coming face-to-face with everything he left behind? And if he does return, who will be waiting for him there?

Lady Georgina Wyndham would go to any measure to protect her young sister Iris, even if it requires sacrificing her own dowry so Iris never knows the extent of their father’s gambling and drinking debt. Any measure includes the reopening of her father’s defunct solicitor’s firm, a means of staving off their encroaching poverty. But as Georgina wrestles with her own disadvantages as a woman, she is soon forced to confront the disadvantages of another. In a moment of desperation, she accepts a job that could keep both Iris and her safe — if it doesn’t ruin her first. This case is by far the most difficult she has ever had to manage, but through its course, Georgina might just learn that there is more to her strange and worldly client than meets the eye, and that real treasure can be found in the most unlikely of places.


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