Taming the Stallion


Author: Zena Leigh
Book #:
Genre: Erotica|General|Contemporary
Heat Level: 3
Words: 26109
Content Notes: Anal play, anal intercourse
Publication Date: 10/31/2016

Rachel Sheldon is running scared–from both men and horses–so when she meets handsome yet offhand stable owner, Nick Hansart, she finds herself unprepared for the desire he soon awakens in her. Only time will tell if she’s got what it takes to finally tame him.

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Taming the Stallion

Previously published (2011) Whispers Publishing. Rachel Sheldon is running scared from both men and horses. Once an accomplished equestrian, she has been left scarred, physically and mentally, by an accident with a horse and an attack by a colleague.

In order to overcome her demons, she returns to the stables she once owned. There, she encounters the new owner–the dark, impenetrable Nick Hansart. Nick himself believes he’s through with women until the vulnerable Rachel steps into his life and old desires are stirred.

Caught at the stables when a snowstorm leaves her stranded, Rachel finally succumbs to Nick but is unsure whether it’s her he’s interested in or the challenge she presents.

Both attempt to fight the feelings they find being brought to the surface. Rachel cannot believe that any man could genuinely love her, and she is left feeling shocked and laid bare by the physical desire Nick unleashes in her. Accusing him of simply taking advantage of her vulnerability, Rachel finds that she has pushed Nick too far. As tensions mount, the two keep clashing and coming together, while Nick attempts to restore Rachel’s faith in men–and horses. But will she ever learn to accept the erotic avenues that are opening up for her and, ultimately, will she be able to tame the stallion?


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