Suffering Jordon


Author: D.J. Manly
Series: Amusing Amanda
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary|Erotica|Gay
Heat Level: 4
Words: 26,000
Content Notes: Intense Edgy Erotic Romance
Publication Date: 2/12/2007

Jordan doesn’t approve of Amanda’s lifestyle. Chase finds Jordan egotistical and arrogant. Watch the sparks fly as these three find themselves living together in Amanda’s home. Suffering Jordan is Book 3 of D.J. Manly’s sexy series Amusing Amanda, and will be a welcome addition to your romance library.

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Suffering Jordon

When her father dies, Amanda is reunited with her gorgeous half brother, Jordon, who comes to stay at the family home for a prolonged visit. Jordon doesn’t approve of his sister’s lifestyle, and he doesn’t attempt to hide the fact that he doesn’t approve of Chase either, whom he considers to be little more than a male prostitute.

It doesn’t help that shortly after they meet, Chase, who is wallowing in grief, gets drunk and falls asleep in Jordon’s bed either; or that Chase finds ex race car driver Jordon Nash not only to be one of the most arrogant and annoying men he’s ever met, but also one of the sexiest.

Don’t miss the third in the Amusing Amanda series, and watch the sparks fly, sexual and otherwise when Chase suffers Jordon.

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