Star Struck


Author: Andi Bremner
Series: Psyche Dreams
Book #: 1
Genre: Contemporary|NewAdult
Words: 82042
Heat 2
Publication Date: 10/3/2016

Following the death of her father the last thing art student Aria Bloom needs is to stumble into the world of rock stars Ash Bennet and Jagger Arch. And worse, realize they’ve been waiting for her.

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Star Struck

Following the death of her father, art student Aria Bloom has had to pack up her life in Australia, leave her friends and boyfriend behind, and move across the world to live with her sister in a tiny English country village. The last thing Aria needs is to stumble, accidentally, into the world of Ash Bennet and Jagger Arch, members of the infamous rock band Psyche Dreams.

While the instant attraction between Aria and Jagger is unmistakable, for Aria there is something about Jag that terrifies her. He has been expecting her.

Star Struck is the first novel in the Psyche Dreams series. Stay tuned for Ash’s story in Love Struck.


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