Slayer’s Soulmate


Author: Vanessa Liebe
Series: Slayer
Book #: 2
Genre: Erotica|Historical/Victorian|Action&Adventure|Paranormal
Heat Level: 3
Words: 47113
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 08/15/2016

Daughter of the Slayer and a Master Vampire, Lady Emma Sandford is convinced she doesn’t need anybody’s help. She certainly resents the sudden appearance of the handsome vampire Alaric into her life. Sent to observe her family by some Vampire Elders, he is someone Emma doesn’t trust at all.

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Slayer's Soulmate

Lady Emma Sandford is the perfect Victorian socialite by day and slays demons with her family at night. Daughter of the Slayer and a Master Vampire, she is powerful enough not to need anyone, or so she believes. After all, Emma has enough to worry about at the moment—whether her mother will decide to be turned or not. She could certainly do without the appearance of the handsome Lord Alaric and the distraction he brings.

Alaric, the Earl of Northwich, has been sent by the Vampire Elders to observe the family of Slayers. He needs to determine whether they are a threat. He never expected to meet his old friend Dominic and become involved with the family. Nor did he intend to fall for the lovely Emma.

Will he manage to convince her they are soulmates or will the Guardian’s Guild and an unknown group of malicious vampires ruin their chances?


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