Seduction of the Demon Hunter


Author: Leah Grant
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary|Paranormal|General
Heat Level: 2
Words: 20372
Content Notes: Spanking
Publication Date: 4/3/2017

Drake Banner is a demon hunter with a penchant for cheap whiskey and hot women. Rescuing damsels in distress is his specialty and Drake likes his job a little too much. Just when Drake thought he had everything under control, love gets in the way.

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Seduction of the Demon Hunter

Previously published (2015). Drake Banner has been hunting demons since his seventeenth birthday. That was centuries ago. An angel intervened that fateful day and saved him, but charged Drake with hunting demons from that day forward. When there is a message on his answering machine asking for help, Drake is intrigued and needs to find out just who the sexy voice belongs to.

Darna Andress is thirty and wondering if she will ever find love. After a reading with a medium, Darna finds she’s not herself anymore. After several embarrassing incidents, she knows she needs some help. She turns to Drake Banner but finds him more interested in helping himself—to her.

A centuries-old demon is back and has found the perfect way to take Drake down. Drake thought he had everything under control until love gets in the way…and now he may have to pay the ultimate price.


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