Author: Dawn McClure
Book #:
Genre: Fantasy|Paranormal
Heat Level: 3
Words: 40,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 12/14/2009

Jade is a powerful assassin … but ever since a psychic told her she was soon to die, she’s had trouble fulfilling her missions without bringing attention to the vampire world. Now she’s on probation, fighting for her job and her life. Setting out to prove herself, a demon is assigned to observation duty … but will he be the means of her salvation or her destruction? Find out in Samael, the hot paranormal romance from author Dawn McClure.

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Assassinating vampires was all in a day’s work … until she became the hunted.

Jade is a vampire assassin for the Alliance, a prestigious group of vampires who consider themselves the elite of their species. Facing death on a daily basis is part of her job. Yet when a psychic informs Jade her death is imminent, the thought of death doesn’t seem quite so appealing. She changes her fighting tactics in the hope of staying alive despite the dire warning. Her new tactics bring unwanted attention from the human race. Her boss, Ambrose, puts her on probation, and that’s not even the worst of it. Ambrose gives Jade four missions to prove she deserves to remain an assassin. He assigns Samael, a demon from the First Angelic Revolt, to report on her progress.

Samael recently quit his job as a Marquis of Hell to take up an offer to become an assassin. He’s given the assignment to observe Jade and report on her progress during missions. During their first mission together, Samael can see why Jade has been put on probation. She’s a liability to the Alliance. If there’s one thing all immortals understand, it’s not to bring attention to themselves. But when he finds out why Jade’s fighting tactics have changed in the last few months, he may be too late to save the one woman who has captured his heart.

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