Author: Samantha Stone
Series: Crescent City Creatures
Book #: 5
Genre: Action&Adventure|Paranormal
Heat Level: 2
Words: 92016
Content Notes:
Publication Date: 11/7/2016

Alex messed up. Last winter, he lost his chance to be with the only woman he’d ever loved. He wasn’t the werewolf Leila thought he was; he was also a warlock, promised to destroy her and her adoptive werewolf family. Now she thought him dead.

Leila finally landed the job of her dreams. The only catch was the hole in her heart created by Alex’s death. A principle ballerina at the New Orleans Dance Company, she’d be damned if she ruined everything she’d worked so hard for. Only, the same killers who’d murdered her once were after her again, this time more determined than ever to finish what they started.

Secrets and lies threaten them, but their only hope for survival is to work together to defeat the most powerful creatures in the world. The question is, will love be enough?

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Leila thinks Alex is lost, but he never stopped watching over her. When he saves her from the man hell-bent on seeing her dead, will she ever be able to forgive his lies? Only together can they defeat the evil trying to extinguish them both.


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