Author: Keira Ramsay
Series: Terran Realm
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary|Fantasy
Heat Level: 3
Words: 54,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 2/19/2007

When two worlds come together, passion explodes, and the line between loathing and lust blurs. Quakes on the coast are not the only thing causing the earth to move in this hot and steamy romance!

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For most of her life, Warden Brenna Kennedy has guarded a book of lore on behalf of a species she’s been taught to loathe. Over the years, she has become convinced the whole thing is simply a legend. Then a handsome Terran, Donovan Callahan, drops into her life, and Brenna discovers the line between loathing and lust is all too thin.


Corporate bodyguard Donovan Callahan has seen it all, and done it twice. He’s tired, jaded, and really doesn’t give a damn. It takes four horrific events—Hurricane Hugo, Tiananmen Square, the Exxon Valdez, and the Loma Prieta earthquake—to make Donovan realize someone must take action, and that someone is probably him. As a Terran, a preternatural being entrusted with keeping the world in balance, it’s up to him to try and save the world, or watch it all come tumbling down. When he teams up with Brenna, the earth moves—and it ain’t an earthquake! San Francisco will never be the same—and neither will Donovan and Brenna.

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