Pushed to the Limit


Author: Nico Rosso
Series: The Limit War
Book #:
Genre: Action&Adventure|ScienceFiction
Heat Level: 2
Words: 42,000
Content Notes: Spicy
Publication Date: 6/6/2011

A war rages between planets, and Shadow Corps operative Teryn Pilander is lured into a trap. Now her only chance of survival is with the enemy technician that was ordered to set the trap. Defiance and danger, Drel will face what he must to save Teryn. But will she thank him when she finds out the truth?

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Pushed to the Limit

Teryn Pilander lives in a world of secrets. She is a Shadow Corps operative for the Core Army in the Limit War, trained in espionage. Her latest mission takes her to the planet Viela, drawn by a communication that the local government captured a Dusk Warrior Officer for questioning. More interesting than the message, though, is the voice delivering it. A little shy, but deep and strong, the masculine voice sparks dormant fires in Teryn. She tells herself that once the mission is over, she might put her spy self away for a bit and live a little as a woman.

Drel Kol has secrets of his own. He is the one who sent the message drawing Teryn and her team to his planet. But he was just following orders and led her into a trap. Now, the woman he spoke with could be in grave danger. Her voice alone is enough to ignite a passion he has never known. Yet he’s only a technician. Can he fight against his own government and the Dusk to save her? And will the new bond between Teryn and Drel be torn apart when she learns his secret.

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