Primal Rage


Author: Belladonna Bordeaux
Series: The Hellfire Club
Book #:
Genre: Erotica|Fantasy|Historical/General|Paranormal
Heat Level: 4
Words: 26,000
Content Notes: Intense Edgy Erotic Romance
Publication Date: 7/11/2011

She’s half paranormal, about to enter her first mating season, and has been betrothed to dashing Dante MacGreggor since she was born. This is all news to Julia Westchester. Enjoying her life as the toast of Parisian society, Julia is unprepared for the life she was born too. Now it’s up to Dante to introduce her to the world of the paranormals, and their mating rituals!

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Primal Rage

He’ll bring out the best and worst in her.

A pariah amongst London’s elite, Julia Westchester has become the toast of Parisian society. She’s stunning, well-versed, and in high demand. Little does she know the real reason she’s garnered the attention of many a young man is that she’s half paranormal and about to enter her first mating season.

The enigmatic leader of the harbingers of death, Dante MacGreggor, was promised Julia’s hand in marriage shortly after she was born. Now that she’s finally matured, he has to open her to the world of the paranormals and their mating rituals and protect her from his many enemies.

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Belladonna Bordeaux




Erotica, Fantasy, Historical/General, Paranormal

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Content Notes

Intense Edgy Erotic Romance


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