Author: Sydney Morgann
Book #:
Genre: ScienceFiction
Heat Level: 3
Words: 56,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 6/10/2003

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Bodicea Knight, a rogue starship captain and her cyborg navigator and companion, MALCOLM, an acronym for MALe COhabitational Luxury Mechanism, are trying to make a living, harvesting space junk. The captain wants nothing but to be left alone, after her one disasterous romantic encounter with Tal English, an undercover agent for the Earth Intergalactic Government; an encounter that cost her father’s life and a stint in prison for her. But life doesn’t always give you what you want. It frequently gives you what you least expect. In this case, Cea is destined to encounter Tal again. This time, his partner is Penny, an alien with a humanoid look who is obsessed with human sexual behavior.

Tal and Penny are on a mission to find and destroy an alien transport device, one that can bring the galaxy to the brink of destruction. The device is in the hands of an arch space pirate named Crowe. Along with Crowe, his mistress Raven and his right hand man Scorpion plan to rule to universe.

With the help of Cea and Malcolm, Tal and Penny must find Crowe’s hidden base and the alien artifact, stop Crowe, destroy the alien technology and stop an invasion that will destroy the human race. As they approach their destination, Tal and Cea discover their passion has grown for each other, Penny and Malcolm discover what it’s like to explore inner space with other species and the galaxy gets a shock when the aliens tune in to watch.

PORTAL is an erotic space romp that will leave you holding your sides with laughter while panting for sexual release.

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