Playing With Fire


Author: Kelli Evans
Series: The Falling
Book #: 3
Genre: General|Contemporary|Military
Heat Level: 2
Words: 86199
Content Notes:
Publication Date: 11/28/2016

Fate comes crashing into Ryleigh’s and Jude’s lives in the form of a dog with mismatched eyes and one hellacious blizzard. Nothing could have prepared them for how hot being snowed in could get. But after the thaw, can they keep the fire they’ve been playing with from burning out?

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Playing With Fire

Tightly wound Ryleigh Lawson has it all. The job, the fancy Chicago high-rise apartment overlooking Lake Michigan, and a promising future. Jude Thomas, the sexy backwoodsman, lives in a loft above his bar in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He doesn’t have much and doesn’t need much. The paths of these two people from very different worlds should never have crossed.

With help from a particularly nasty snowstorm, a lemon-yellow AMC Gremlin, and a dog with mismatched eyes, their worlds collide. Snowed in, they are forced to shack up together for a long week. Though they grate on each other, they still spark like flint on steel. A friendship blossoms, and chemistry and passion rage, but when the snow begins to thaw and they are thrust out of their winter wonderland cocoon and back to their previous lives, are they capable of returning to who they were before the snowstorm?

After playing with fire, can they come away anything other than burned?


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