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Author: Edie Jo Gibson
Series: A Retribution Novel
Book #:
Genre: Action&Adventure|Contemporary|Suspense
Heat Level: 1
Words: 67,000
Content Notes: Sweet
Publication Date: 7/13/2015

Black Ops team member Jay Fischer has unexpectedly fallen in love with his target, Dr. Elizabeth Ross, who may be working with a known terrorist organization to develop a deadly weapon. But the more Jay learns about her, the more he is convinced she is just a pawn in a deadly game. When it becomes evident Jay is right, he must find a way to protect her, even if it means sacrificing himself to secure her freedom. Perception, A Retribution Novel by Edie Jo Gibson is the action-packed next chapter of her contemporary romance series.

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Jay Fischer, a sniper for a black ops team, is assigned to secretly watch Dr. Elizabeth Ross, a possible affiliate to a known terrorist organization. She is the creator of the Waterfall Project, a failed attempt to biologically clean infested water in third-world countries. Jay becomes her reluctant hero rescuing her from a break-in at her lab. He decides to put everything on the line to protect her after his team leader insists she is working for the terrorists. He chooses to go with his instincts believing the innocent and naive professor is being used as a pawn.

In a moment of weakness, they are both captured, along with former members of her research team. An insane businessman plans to manipulate her project into the perfect biological weapon. Jay must now put his growing feelings for Dr. Ross aside by encouraging her to develop the weapon in order to give him time to plan an escape, potentially placing a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of a madman. Jay has fallen unexpectedly in love with her and will protect her at all costs, sacrificing himself to secure her freedom.

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