Out of the Dark


Author: Barbara Karmazin
Book #:
Genre: ScienceFiction|Suspense
Heat Level: 3
Words: 80,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 8/9/2004

This novel has it all! Magic and Sidhe, space adventure and unbridled passion, memory lost and love found. Barbara Karmazin has penned an amazing tale in Out of the Dark. You won’t be able to stop reading as you join Cait O’Keefe on a journey you won’t soon forget.

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Out of the Dark

Ten thousand years ago, the Sidhe migrated to Earth. Their advanced technology was mistaken for magical powers and legends about their magic persisted down through the centuries.

In 2065, Cait O’Keefe, the descendent of an ancient Sidhe sisterline, goes on an asteroid mining expedition and locates a lost cache of selkieskins. Selkieskins are bioengineered symbiotes created by her foremothers as spacesuits and deep-sea diving suits. During this expedition, she also meets and gains the love of two very strong and unique human men, Indio and Tiny. Three months later, she returns to Earth with Indio and Tiny in response to a subpoena and injunction filed by the spacesuit manufacturing companies against the use of the selkieskins.

A terrorist bomb at O’Hare Spaceport injures Cait and separates her from her husbands, Tiny and Indio. Mider is an albino furred Sidhe living in exile in the abandoned freight tunnel system under the streets of Chicago. Mider rescues Cait and obtains medical care for her injuries. When she regains consciousness a week later, the memory of the last four months of her life has vanished.

When Indio and Tiny find Cait, will she regain her memories or reject them as strangers? Will Mider’s dream of love with Cait be successful, or doomed to failure?

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