Our Life of Love

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Author: Emma Bruce
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Genre: Contemporary|Suspense
Heat Level: 3
Words: 33,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 9/27/2004

Emma Bruce weaves a suspenseful tale in Our Life of Love. When a child becomes a murderer’s target, it’s up to detective Jace Brooks to protect her. But who is going to protect Jace from the intense passion he is beginning to feel for the child’s mother? As the murderer moves to strike, it’s up to Jace to do whatever it takes to save these two people who have come to mean more to him than life itself.

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Our Life of Love

When soap opera star, Cherylyn Dwyer is murdered in her dressing room, the police discover that her young co-star, seven-year-old Kassidy Scanlin, may have been spotted by the killer.

Enter hard-boiled homicide detective Jace Brooks who is instantly attracted to Kassidy’s mother, Maureen, despite the fact that he classifies her as a bohemian pain-in-the-ass who never shuts up. The more Jace tries to deny his longing, the more acute it becomes.

Placing mother and child under police protection seems the only answer and they are moved to a safe house.

Fearing for her child’s life, yet determined not to give in to all police demands, Maureen does battle on more than one occasion with Jace, which only serves to heighten his desire for the petite spitfire. At the same time, Maureen is unable to resist the ruggedly handsome detective and the sparks begin to fly.

As the case unfolds, more secrets come to light and in the end Jace puts his life on the line to save the woman and child he has come to love.

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