Operation Sex Kitten


Author: Tess Summers
Series: San Diego Social Scene
Book #: 1
Genre: Erotica|Contemporary|General
Heat Level: 3
Words: 94085
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 08/29/2016

New series debut! Operation Sex Kitten: After being unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend, Ava Ericson knows how to win him back–become a vixen in bed. She meets attorney Travis Sterling, and deciding he’s just the guy to help put theory into practice, Operation Sex Kitten is launched.

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Operation Sex Kitten

Ava Ericson thought she had her life planned out: graduate with her PhD, marry Brad Miller when he finished law school, have 2.5 babies… and mediocre sex for the rest of her days. But when Brad dumps her upon learning he’s passed the bar, citing new “opportunities” available, she has to rethink her future. Believing her lack of experience was the reason Brad broke up with her, she launches Operation Sex Kitten (OSK), a plan to become a vixen in bed and get Brad back. Things might go astray when she meets the notorious attorney, Travis Sterling, the bachelor who she is sure can teach her a thing or two in the bedroom. As she enjoys putting OSK theories into practice, she realizes the real ‘operation’ will be for the two not to fall in love. Fun and romantic, Operation Sex Kitten turns up the heat with explicit scenes while you root for love to conquer all.


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