Only Trust Your Heart

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Author: Tess Delacour
Series: The Murphys
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary
Heat Level: 3
Words: 49,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 9/21/2015

Detective Zachary Jones avoids relationships, Dr. Megan Murphy is too busy for relationships. He’s scarred by his past, she’s consumed by her medical career. When events at the hospital bring them together, the chemistry between them can’t be ignored. Only Trust Your Heart by Tess Delacour is Book 3 of her contemporary romance series, The Murphys. Sometimes you have to think with your heart.

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Only Trust Your Heart

Detective Zachary Jones has more secrets than a CIA spy. He pretends to be someone he’s not to avoid a past he can never escape. Zach moves from one woman to the next, running from himself as much as the relationships he avoids. The closest experience to family he’s had is the Murphys, his partner and best friend’s family.

Doctor Megan Murphy is a sleep deprived emergency room resident with a closet addiction to romance novels and a decade long crush on Zach Jones. She knows her brother’s best friend and partner can only see the sixteen-year-old girl he met for the first time all those years ago, and Megan has given up on Zach seeing her as anything but a kid. The all-consuming medical career she’s chosen does not fit with her dream of a husband and children, and she’s resigned herself to the role of doting aunt. Sometimes a girl can’t have it all.

A threat at Megan’s hospital draws them together and he faces what he’s known for a while but refused to acknowledge—Doctor Murphy has grown up. Their chemistry is explosive but his secrets threaten any chance of a relationship. Can he learn to trust? Megan has the skills to mend her patients but can she heal Zach’s heart?

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