Love’s Second Sight


Author: Darragha Foster
Book #:
Genre: Fantasy|Historical/General|Historical/Viking|Paranormal
Heat Level: 3
Words: 97,000
Content Notes: Hot, D/s Elements, Dubious Consent, Graphic Violence, Physical or Sexual Assault
Publication Date: 11/26/2012

Alive with all the passion of the Viking Age, this tale is a seductive clash between tradition, duty, honor, blossoming faith, and enduring love. Action! Adventure! Nasty gods and sexy Norsemen. Join Thorgunna as she braves Love’s Second Sight. This may include the best read-aloud-to-each-other foreplay ever.

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Love's Second Sight

This may include the best read-aloud-to-each-other foreplay ever.

Based on ancient Icelandic sagas, the story of Thorgunna and her predestined true love, Leif Eiricksson, comes alive with the force of a North Atlantic gale.

She’s a shrewd Viking Age businesswoman with two things Norsemen crave: her beer and her virginity. Not to mention that a nasty little demigod wants her as his “last refuge” of worship. All she wants is to be left alone to run her island and take care of her people. Not so easy when a storm blows true love your way.

He is the son of Eirik the Red, founder of the colony of Greenland. Blown off course on his way to Norway, he must choose between the woman of his dreams and his duty to his father, his country, and his king.

Fighting a king, Rus traders, and even the gods is nothing compared to the battle of wits and want between Thorgunna and the Norseman who insists on making her his—even if it’s over his own dead body.

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