Love On the Rocks


Author: E.E. Marino
Series: On the Rocks
Book #: 1
Genre: General|Contemporary|NewAdult
Heat Level: 3
Words: 39898
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 09/05/2016

When army veteran Aaron Samuels walks into Gypsy’s, he has no idea the sexy bar manager, Keela Harper, will unlock a passion in him like never before. As the two embark on a passionate love affair, a blast from her past comes into town and threatens everything she’s built.

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Love On the Rocks

Sergeant Aaron Samuels is a soldier returning to Long Island for a fresh start after more than a decade in the service. After the horrors of war and the loss of a friend, he’s left with demons that make adjusting to civilian life almost impossible. He lucks out and lands a job bouncing at Gypsy’s Bar and Grill, a local place summer tourists flock to. Unsure of where is life is going, numbed by the past twelve years, he’s resigned to his misery, until he meets Keela, Gypsy’s sexy manager and bartender. Suddenly Aaron sees a bright future and it all involved Keela.

Keela Harper sees relationships and love as a dangerous gamble not to indulge for more than a night, but when Aaron stumbles into her life and heart, will she finally be able to bury her past and take a chance on Aaron? Or will a blast from the past threaten to take away everything she’s worked for?


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