Linger Longer Lodge

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Author: Rebecca Matthews
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Genre: Contemporary
Heat Level: 1
Words: 47,500
Content Notes: Sweet
Publication Date: 1/18/2016

When a long hidden secret is revealed Lindsay finds herself on the run from a future she can’t face. Lost, alone, and stranded in the path of a winter storm, she needs a Christmas miracle. Linger Longer Lodge by Rebecca Matthews is a sweet, contemporary, holiday romance that will capture your heart and holiday spirit.

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Linger Longer Lodge

For the majority of the past four years, Lindsay Wheeler watched her mother battle for her life and lose to the cruel hand of cancer. However, to complicate the grieving process for her and her father, with her mother’s dying breath she informed them Lindsay was not her husband’s child. Hysterically running out of the house, she flees into the night, turning at every crossroad until she became lost in the mountains in an oncoming blizzard with very little gas in the fuel tank.

Nearly frozen to death, she is rescued by a kind family who find they need her as much as she needs them. They saved her from certain death, and being a cardiac nurse, she saved the patriarch of the family during a cardiac arrest.

The wildcard in the mountaintop resort of Linger Longer Lodge is their youngest son, Joshua, who is brooding, sullen, and somewhat volatile. Lindsay, who is not afraid of anything, takes on the mission of discovering the source and cure for this young man’s surly attitude and downcast disposition. As they face one crisis after another while she is stranded on top of White Heart Mountain in inclement weather, she begins peeling back the layers of the enigmatic Joshua Long.

Could there be more to this relationship than meets the eye? Could a girl from town, who has never even had a pet goldfish, take to life in the country surrounded by various animals and unfamiliar chores? Could her healing ability include curing what ails the complicated and conflicted Josh?

Content Notes: Sweet, Contemporary, Holiday Romance

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