It’s All Relative


Author: Dee S. Knight
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary
Heat Level: 3
Words: 90,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 9/10/2003

A weekend of passion … to be remembered but not to be repeated. Until fate steps in in a most unexpected way. The pages sizzle in Dee S. Knight’s hot contemporary romance, It’s All Relative, a sure-fire hit!

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It's All Relative

A smart and sassy Southern chef and restaurateur, Sally Jean was fully confident when creating a lavish feast for hundreds. But a sensual feast of herself for one man? At that she saw herself as a failure. Until, that is, she attended a conference at Nags Head and met the sophisticated Northern businessman, Jack. In one weekend she discovered passion-and erotic talents-she didn’t know existed in her. The newness of the discovery was exciting but also a little frightening, and when she left Jack alone in bed on Sunday morning, she thought never to see him again.

Jack, visiting Nags Head for the weekend, found the unabashedly and thoroughly Southern chef he met sensuous beyond anything he could imagine. They generated searing heat with their bodies, but he wanted even more. When Jack found himself alone on Sunday morning, he was half disappointed and half relieved to have escaped what could have become a lasting commitment.

Little did either of them know they would meet again to discover they have something shocking in common.

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