Intimate Weapons

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Author: Kathleen Scott
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Genre: ScienceFiction
Heat Level: 3
Words: 66,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 1/31/2011

Medical experiments, lost memories, psychics, and a deadly weapon that could change the balance of power throughout the galaxy. Mallic and Jovita are caught in a dangerous web of political intrigue. A sweeping saga spanning worlds, will they survive long enough for lust to turn to love?

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Intimate Weapons

Jovita Rees is running for her life.

Infused with nanites to heighten her natural abilities, she has become little better than a weapon for her people. The cost of these heinous experiments was the complete erasure of her memories. With little more than just the memory of her name and the medical torture she suffered on the Celedon science colony of Theta, she stows away aboard the Vanden vessel, Guidestar, to flee the guards of Presari Station.

Once there, she tucks herself away on a ship bound for Scicia. The Vanden ambassador, First Advisor to the Regent, Mallic Telonis is taking his leave. As a known connoisseur of beautiful women and non-committed sex, Jovita thinks nothing of hiding in Mallic’s suite, hoping she can exchange sex for safe passage to Vanden.

Mallic is shocked to find a beautiful Celedon woman in his bed. Too bad that despite her offer of memorable sex, she is terrified at the very thought of his touch. He knows this by the color in her cheeks and the awkward way she moves. He is also troubled she would go through so much to offer her body for a ride across the galaxy when all she had to do was ask him for political asylum. A check into her background finds unexpected results when it comes to light Jovita Rees was not only the court psychic to the Celedon tsia, but was killed under mysterious circumstances.

Mallic returns to the Vanden palace only to find things have changed during his absence. The Paladins, Vanden’s allies in the Vanden-Telesian War, want to settle the uninhabitable region of the planet to set up an outpost. It is enough to raise suspicions with both the countries on Scicia. Add with that the fact Presari Station is now using ‘bots for security guards and the entire galaxy seems to have gone mad.

Into the fray, word comes that a powerful weapon has been smuggled off Celedon. It is a break-through technology that could change the balance of power in the known worlds. Mallic fears Jovita knows where the weapon is kept, but never dreams the woman he has begun to lust after more than any other he’s known, may be the weapon in question.

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