Impatient Passion


Author: Dee S. Knight
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary
Heat Level: 3
Words: 102,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 4/13/2003

Austin’s life has become dull and predictable. She’s ready to take a chance. Tyler has patiently waited for Austin to notice him. He’s patient no more. So when opportunity knocks, they open the door. Dee S. Knight pens a passionate tale of risking it all in her hot contemporary romance, Impatient Passion.

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Impatient Passion

Austin D. Gardner, an award winning web designer in San Francisco, has just faced the fact that she is going to turn thirty-five years old on Saturday and her life is nowhere near what she dreamed it would be. She needs to make big changes.

On the crowded bus trip home, Austin is pushed into a man. Instead of trying to move away, he pulls her to him. Austin is shocked at first, but then lets fate take her by the hand. An anonymous adventure on a crowded bus might be a safe way to break out of the dull life she is living.

Tyler Birch had spent years waiting for Austin to give some indication she would welcome getting to know him better, but time is up. He decided Monday to stop being passive. That afternoon he finds himself pressed against her on the crowded bus trip home.

Not one to turn down an opportunity when he’s presented with one, Tyler accepts the chance to mount a two-pronged plan of attack. One as the anonymous stranger who can set Austin on fire with his touch, and the other as Tyler Birch who can touch her soul.

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