Hello, Goodbye


Author: Tess Delacour
Series: The Murphys
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary
Heat Level: 2
Words: 45,000
Content Notes: Spicy, Anal Play
Publication Date: 6/22/2015

Mr. Push-Pull is about to meet Ms. Irresistible Force. Ryan Murphy and Jenn Kowalski are made for each other. Convincing him of this may take some persuasion. She’s a no-nonsense girl who doesn’t believe in tiptoeing her way through life. He’s a damaged man who can’t trust a woman. When these two get together, the result will be explosive! The Murphys are back in Hello, Goodbye, Book 2 of Tess Delacour’s contemporary romance series.

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Hello, Goodbye

Ryan Murphy is a wounded man. He’s retreated behind a façade of indifference and refuses to commit to anyone or anything besides his work. No woman has been able to break through his hard shell since he was jilted at the altar, an experience that left him anti-woman and anti-commitment.

Enter Jennifer Kowalski, a no-nonsense tomboy who lives life to the fullest and gives herself over to everything she does. She is a woman who can fire up in a heartbeat and has the red hair to match. A tempest in a chamomile teacup, she is a breath of fresh air in Ryan’s sour life.

Ryan and Jenn are attorneys in the District Attorney’s Office. When their boss throws them together to head up a new team, old wounds and long-buried desires flash to the surface. Ryan pushes everyone away, can Jenn pull him in before he says goodbye?

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