Author: Samantha Stone
Series: Crescent City Creatures
Book #: 4
Genre: Fantasy|Paranorml
Heat Level: 2
Words: 78,387Content Notes: Spicy, Violence
Publication Date: 7/18/2016

Author Samantha Stone releases Book 4 in the Crescent City Creatures series: Cael’s a killer who doesn’t deserve love. He certainly can’t have Aiyanna. She wants him, but after years of pursuing the werewolf, her patience is waning. In Healed, they must put aside their pasts to save their city.

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Cael will never take a mate. After accidentally hurting the only woman he’s ever loved, he believes it unsafe for him to ever touch a woman again.

Aiyanna doesn’t care. For years, she’s wanted him, only to be rejected at every turn. It stings every time he turns her away, but letting him go would only hurt worse.

When vampires come to New Orleans for the first time in decades, problems between Cael and Aiyanna seem small in comparison to the danger now facing the thousands of humans celebrating Mardi Gras. Only together do they have a chance to defeat the new creatures threatening the entire city, including Cael’s werewolf pack.

Healed brings the Crescent City Creatures together again in an installment filled with danger, revelations, and love.


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