Future Prospect


Author: Lynn Rae
Series: Love Under a New Star
Book #:
Genre: ScienceFiction|Suspense
Heat Level: 2
Words: 71,000
Content Notes: Spicy
Publication Date: 9/15/2014

Surly stellar cartographer Colan is less than happy when he’s ordered to serve as a liaison with Lia, a fresh-faced bureaucrat determined to build a perfect settlement. He’s even less happy to find himself utterly attracted to her. When tensions between residents and new comers escalate into acts of terror, they’ll have to work together to end the conflict before the burgeoning community is destroyed, as well as any chance of exploring their growing mutual attraction. Lynn Rae is pleased to present Future Prospect, Book 1 of her new sci-fi romance series, Love Under a New Star.

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Future Prospect

Colan Nestor is a withdrawn mapmaker, finishing up his assignment on an isolated jungle world. He’s disgruntled when he’s assigned the role of liaison with an incoming crew of government workers tasked with setting up an administrative center to manage the settlement of the planet. Among the new arrivals is feisty Liliane Frei, a woman who effortlessly coordinates all the scheduling required for such an undertaking. She and Colan are forced to work together to ease the transition but find—as soon as they meet on the shuttle landing deck—their personalities clash as much as their attraction sizzles. Tension between the residents and newcomers rise and explosions rock the growing community. Will Colan and Lia survive the conflict and find happiness with each other?

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