Framed As a Killer


Author: Miranda Stowe
Series: The Snatcher
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary|Suspense
Heat Level: 3
Words: 52,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 3/5/2012

When she was very young, Paige Bromin was told she would one day save her one true love from a horrible fate. Now that the man she’s had a crush on since she was nine years old has been accused of murder, it’s time to test the old prophecy. Paige is determined to find the truth. Can she save the life of her one true love without losing her own?

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Framed As a Killer

You’ll marry your one-true love someday and save him from not only himself but all the horrors chasing him.

Paige Bromin recieved that fortune from the town witch when she was young. At the time, she had no idea her one-true love would be that very witch’s son. But when Court Lawson saves her from dying in a culvert when she’s nine and carries her home afterward, she develops a crush on him that morphs over the years into outright obsession.

So when authorities take him into custody for becoming the only suspect in the Miners Bend Woman Snatcher killings, she decides it’s time for his mama’s old prophesy to come true. Determined to save a man she fully believes is innocent, she plummets into a dangerous mix of passion and intrigue that may lead to timeless love…or her eternal doom.

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