First You Were Mine


Author: Andi Bremner
Book #:
Genre: NewAdult|Contemporary|Military
Heat Level: 2
Words: 80483
Content Notes:
Publication Date: 12/26/2016

Georgia shared one amazing night with sexy Jack McClarty before moving towns. She never thought he would show up in her life again, and she never thought he would turn out to be her new boyfriend’s brother.

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First You Were Mine

Before moving towns to take up her first teaching position, Georgia shared one steamy night with hot as hell Jack, who was about to depart to serve overseas. Georgia only expected one night with Jack. She most certainly didn’t expect him to show up weeks later, in her new town and the brother of her new boyfriend.

As Georgia fights against her growing feelings for Jack, knowing she cannot break the brothers apart again after they’ve only just reestablished their relationship, she must also try and avoid the advances of his brother. But just when Georgia and Jack think they might finally have a chance at love, tragedy strikes and there is only the brother left for Georgia to turn to.


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