Fire In the Kitchen

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Author: Donna Allen
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Genre: Contemporary|RomanticComedy
Heat Level: 1
Words: 62,000
Content Notes: Sweet
Publication Date: 12/14/2015

Celebrity chef Dante Cristiani needs to renew his tainted reputation. He earns a spot in a television culinary contest and is competing against a talented foodie, Cassidy Summers. She’s quirky, free-spirited, and disorganized in the kitchen. She’s everything he isn’t, so why does it feel like she is everything he needs? If you love food, wine, and romance, you’ll love Donna Allen’s new romantic comedy, Fire In the Kitchen.

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Fire In the Kitchen

Dante Cristiani is a celebrity chef with a famous restaurant and a bad reputation. His jealous cousin has been spreading lies about him, causing his employees to leave the restaurant en masse.

Cassidy Summers is the perfect barista, and he considers hiring her into his restaurant. She’s also a budding amateur cook. But she’s quirky and free-spirited–qualities that Dante doesn’t think will work well in his restaurant. Although there is a distinct attraction, their differences in personality cause a constant tug of war.

Cassidy is struggling financially to support her café and needs an injection of funds fast to keep it afloat. She hears about the great prize money on offer for the winner of a prestigious television culinary competition. She decides to enter on a whim, but questions her abilities to compete against some of the state’s top chefs.

Dante also decides to enter the competition, with his own agenda for winning. This would be the perfect opportunity for him to gain favor again with the public. He’s up against his cousin and is determined to beat him, but life gets complicated when he falls for unconventional Cassidy. He has to decide what’s more important: winning at all costs, or following his heart.

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