Finding Lisa


Author: Carolyn LeVine Topol
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary|Lesbian
Heat Level: 3
Words: 60,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 7/21/2014

Re-Release: (Finding Lisa, Carolyn LeVine Topol, Silver Publishing, 05/16/2012)

The day Lisa found her husband in bed with her best friend was the day her life changed forever … and in ways she never could have imagined. Join Lisa as she discovers that she can have passion, love, and true friendship in her life … all she has to do is take a chance and reach out for it. You’ll love Carolyn LeVine Topol’s hot, new romance, Finding Lisa.

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Finding Lisa

Upon finding her husband in bed with her best friend, Lisa Barnes Singleton embarks on a journey taking her from Connecticut to South Beach and back to New York City. She experiences the thrill of her first real orgasm and the beauty of a loving and passionate relationship with a woman named Gigi, while struggling to keep her father’s lingerie empire afloat. Lisa learns her true nature and potential, personally and professionally.

Despite Lisa’s sexual confusion and difficult romantic entanglements, Lisa and Gigi find their way to developing a relationship based on honesty, respect, passion, and love.

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