Embracing the Sun


Author: Sable Grey
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary|Suspense
Heat Level: 3
Words: 17,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 11/22/2004

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Embracing the Sun

Juliet Coultier is fast becoming New York’s hottest modern artist. Her erotic sculptures have won enough attention that she has attracted both art fanatics and protestors, a sign of her rising success. But just when she thinks she can fly no higher, her world crumbles down around her when her exhibit at the museum is destroyed by a bomb. She finds herself the target of a hired killer and at the heart of a madman’s jealousy. Her only hope is that Joe Anniston, a detective familiar with the bomber, can find the man responsible for destroying her work.

Joe Anniston is still carrying the pain of losing his wife. All he has left are his memories of her and his job. When he is assigned to protect Juliet Coultier, a woman with talent, style, and sex appeal, he also discovers that he isn’t the only one who wants to protect her. Following the clues given by the hired bomber, he knows he hasn’t much time to find the person who is out to get Juliet. But will his growing affection for her lead him in the wrong direction or can he find the man who wants her dead before it’s too late.

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