Echo of Distant Thunder


Author: Philippa Grey-Gerou, Emery Sanborne
Series: Rule of Three
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary|Erotica|Paranormal
Heat Level: 4
Words: 58,000
Content Notes: Intense Edgy Erotic Romance
Publication Date: 6/23/2008

Meet Graeme, Diana, and Peter … friends, lovers, adventurers. Book 1 of the paranormal romance series Rule of Three takes you on a wild ride where secrets from the past may just cost our trio their lives. Philippa Grey-Gerou and Emery Sanborne know just what it takes to weave an exciting and passionate tale in Echo of Distant Thunder.

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Echo of Distant Thunder

Graeme Shepherd and Diana Glendower lead a quiet life as university professors and lovers in Philadelphia until Peter Oberon arrives, upsetting their peace. An old friend and lover of Graeme’s, Oberon brings a message from the Acolytes of Taranis, an ancient mystical order with a grudge against both men. Graeme has their vessel and they want it back. Unfortunately, Graeme has no idea what it could possibly be.

Graeme isn’t the only one with old lovers appearing in their lives, testing the strength of Graeme and Diana’s relationship. Both of them have secrets they never revealed to each other. And Oberon can always be found on the fringes, pushing at them with questionable motives and an undeniable attraction for both of them.

But nothing is what it seems. As magic, mystery, and past secrets come to light, the trio travel from the cradle of liberty to the roots of civilization in order to appease the Acolytes before the Order’s next sacrifice can hit too close to home.

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