Desire Denied


Author: Layne Macadam
Series: Desire
Book #:
Genre: Action&Adventure|Contemporary|Suspense
Heat Level: 3
Words: 101,000
Content Notes: Hot, Non-Sexual Graphic Violence, Non-Sexual Physical Assault
Publication Date: 4/6/2015

When gemologist Beth Carmichael landed a plum assignment in Columbia, she was thrilled her best friend Loretta opted to tag along. That is until Loretta is kidnapped. To rescue her, Beth must confront more than one demon, not least of which is Loretta’s brother, former SEAL and nemesis Zach Buchanan. Action, adventure, and burning passion, Desire Denied has it all. Romance author Layne Macadam presents Book 2 of her hot, contemporary series Desire. You won’t be able to put this one down!

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Desire Denied

Ex-SEAL Zach Buchanan can sum Beth Carmichael up in two words–trouble magnet. Ever since his sister Loretta befriended her, she’s been in and out of trouble, and Beth a constant thorn in his side. For five years and a multitude of reasons, he’s fought his feelings by avoiding her, but when she telephones out of the blue with news she’s in Columbia and Loretta has been abducted, he is forced to confront her again, along with his demons. To rescue Loretta, they must put aside their history and start afresh because the ransom terms are specific. Beth must make the delivery. Simple enough until things turn sour and they are forced on a journey through thick jungle and mountainous terrain. Thrown together, Zach’s eyes are opened and he learns some truths about himself–could he have misjudged Beth all these years?

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Layne Macadam




Action&Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense

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Content Notes

Hot, Non-Sexual Graphic Violence, Non-Sexual Physical Assault


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