Deny the Dark


Author: Mara Lee
Series: A Danny Lee Novel
Book #:
Genre: Paranormal
Heat Level: 3
Words: 63,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 7/16/2007

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Deny the Dark

Danny Lee has faced the dark and lived to tell the tale. Battered, bruised, and just a little worse for wear, she has returned to her Pack and her Pack Alpha, Alexander Holt. Indentured to her Clan, she has no choice but to follow her Alpha’s orders and remain absolutely loyal to those who almost destroyed her years ago … but the dark is not through with Danny by a long shot.

Master vampire Savior Knight has tasted Danny’s blood and he wants more. Not about to let her go, he has summoned her to his side, relying upon the love she has for her apprentice to bring her forth. Yet something is stirring in the wind, and neither vampire nor wolf nor magi alike can sense, or stop the force which comes like a storm … the force which comes for Danny.

In the end, Danny may face her greatest challenge yet … true love.

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