Degrees of Control


Author: Eve Dangerfield
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary|Erotica|RomanticComedy
Heat Level: 4
Words: 68,000
Content Notes: Intense, D/s Elements, Spanking
Publication Date: 11/30/2015

Charlie and James have nothing in common … except a particular interest in a certain type of sex. Even though their chemistry is so hot it could burn a house down, neither of them is foolish enough to mistake their physical connection for love. Right? Watch what happens when you mix a masochistic yoga teacher, a domineering businessman, and one night of uninhibited fun iEve Dangerfield’s new romance novel Degrees of Control.

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Degrees of Control

Seeking satisfaction…

Charlie Bell is your typical yoga teacher. She’s friendly, earnest and has some slight masochistic tendencies. After a painful break-up she’s determined to address her long-denied kinks and her friends have just the man for the job.

James Hunter is a model turned corporate suit. It’s a boring gig but strings-free screwing has always been his preferred form of entertainment. After a “chance” encounter at a party, James agrees to school Charlie in the harsher side of sex. He knows she’s too sincere for a guy like him but he can’t possibly resist a starry-eyed submissive like her. But what begins as a casual encounter soon becomes a connection that runs deeper than Charlie and James could have ever imagined.

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Eve Dangerfield




Contemporary, Erotica, RomanticComedy

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Content Notes

Intense, D/s Elements, Spanking


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