David’s Epiphany


Author: DawnMarie Richards
Series: Legacies
Book #: 3
Genre: Contemporary
Heat Level: 3
Words: 46355
Content Notes: Spanking
Publication Date: 4/17/2017

Ephie Jones met David Briar on the saddest day of her life. Still, it didn’t stop her from obsessing over the enigmatic funeral director. When, by chance, they meet again, she seizes the opportunity. But will having her naughty daydreams brought to fiery life come at too high a price?

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David's Epiphany

For a self-proclaimed serial monogamist with a moral compass calibrated to the 1950s, Epiphany Jones has a disturbing obsession. She can’t stop fantasizing about the enigmatic funeral director who helped her make the final arrangements for her dear departed grandmother. And though he fits the tall, dark, and handsome stereotype—at least in a well-dressed, meticulously groomed sort of way—she finds no reasonable explanation for her persistent fascination.

There’d never been any question David Briar would take over for his father when the time came. But if growing up in a funeral home had taught him anything, it was that the family business was no place for a family. He’d made a decision a long time ago. The Briar legacy of grief needed to end with him.

By a twist of fate, Ephie and David both enroll in Stranger than Fiction, an adult education class offered at a nearby technical school. They quickly discover sharing stories leads to more than constructive criticism. Blindsided by desires as impossible to deny as resist, they stumble into an affair, one with a built-in expiration date. But as naughty daydreams become fiery reality, hidden longings are exposed. And David and Ephie will be forced to decide if love isn’t worth a little complication.


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