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Author: Lucinda Thorne
Book #:
Genre: ScienceFiction
Heat Level: 3
Words: 25,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 8/20/2007

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Halfway between Earth and a distant penal colony, Jensenn Mal is turning out to be the man of Lieutenant Lai’s dreams … literally. Ripped muscles, blue eyes, cocky attitude–they’re there every time she closes her eyes. Too bad he’s an enemy of the state, sentenced to a lifetime of hard labour and trapped in cryogenic suspension. Little details like those aren’t going to stop Lai, however. She just has to get a better look at that body…

Yet, when Mal gets loose on the ship, he proves more than a match for his jailer. Their battle of wills ignites a passion even the cold of space can’t contain, and now Lai has to make a difficult choice. Should she stay true to her duties and her masters back on Earth? Or surrender to the wily rebel who has stolen her heart?.

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